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Wedding and Party Planning Guide

Why should I choose live music for my party, reception or special event?

If you want the energy, excitement and emotion that will make your party perfect, then live music is your only real choice. Live music makes every event special.

How can I find a band that will set just the right mood?

Whether you want Top 40, rock, country, adult contemporary, big band, jazz, classical, ethnic music or a blend of styles, AFM Entertainment has the right solo artist or band for you. Simply browse our on-line listings by genre, song, City, State or Province. Alternately, you can use our Quick Quote option which will provide us with the information we require to help you find the ideal choice for your event.

How far in advance of the actual date should a band or solo performer be confirmed?

As soon as possible after the date and location of your event are known. Many popular bands and solo performers are booked as much as a year in advance.

How do I know if a band is available for the date in question?

Simply click the “Check Availability” tab below the AFM Entertainment act you wish to inquire about.

What if I can't get my first choice band?

With the large pool of talented professional musicians available through the AFM Entertainment network (more than 200 affiliated offices throughout the U.S. & Canada), there really are no "second choices". If the band you want is already booked, we will be pleased to recommend suitable alternates.

How much will the group or solo artist cost?

Live music is affordable and offers you the very best value regardless of the size of your entertainment budget. The cost will vary from one group to another. The exact amount will depend on the size of the group, the length of the performance, the occasion and the group's popularity.

Can I see the group perform live before signing a contract?

In many cases, this may be impractical. However, AFM Entertainment requires all listed acts on our website to provide sound and/or video clips of them performing.

How can I be sure the musician/group won't back out at the last minute?

Upon confirmation of the act you wish to engage, AFM Entertainment will prepare an approved American Federation of Musicians (AFM) contract, which will be required to be signed by both yourself (the Purchaser) and the leader of the band.

An AFM contract is your guarantee that you'll get the band you want at the date and time you want them. Once signed, the AFM group is obligated to honor the contract – and so is the purchaser.

Won't a non-union band or a DJ give me a signed contract?

The AFM expects every one of its member bands to provide consumers with contracts as peace-of-mind insurance. There is no organization or trade association monitoring the activities of non-union bands or DJs.

What if I sign a contract and then find that I have to cancel my party or event?

A cancellation clause that allows the purchaser to cancel the engagement with sufficient advance notice (agreed upon by both you and the musician/band) may be added to any AFM contract. This way, you don't get stuck – and neither do the musicians.

When should I think about hiring live music?

Live music makes any event special – so think of live music whenever there's a party going on.