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Well-known Ottawa-area pianist/singer/songwriter Peter Brown is known for his virtuosity, soulful playing and equal facility in jazz and blues styles. He has released two CDs under his own name, Marie-Claude in 2002 and Franklin Street in 2008, as well appearing on numerous CDs by other artists.

Peter is the keyboardist for the New Orleans-style band Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo and leads his own jazz trio. He has toured with Canadian blues legend Dutch Mason, American blues artist Sherman Robertson and with former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor, among others.

"Brown tackles jazz, blues, country, boogie-woogie, tango and the traditional Amazing Grace with obvious enthusiasm, great virtuosity, and an honest and practiced feel for music." Bruce Deachman  —  The Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 2003

"Think of a cross between A.J. Croce and Bill Evans and you've got Peter Brown. He's created a body of music that's plain delightful, his own compositions in particular." T. Bruce Wittet  —  Muzik ETC, Sept./Oct. 2003   

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