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Woodstock's EXTRA-Sensitive Singer/Songwriter, Eric Erickson, is into his fourth decade of performing in New York's Hudson Valley and beyond. An insightful and intuitive songwriter, Eric stirs emotions in his listeners that are familiar and stirring. His voice is often described as "as clear as a bell".  Eric's repertoire of cover songs often have a similar effect as his original compositions. Covering a wide variety of classic folk/rock/pop songs, audiences always find themselves singing along and often wiping away a tear or two.  A soloist accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, E² captures the essence of the well-known hit songs and adds the extra dimension of his own intepretations.  Eric's two critically-acclaimed CDs are his début, "At Along Last" and his sophomore release, "The Shadow of the Moon". Each contains a collection of his original tunes, plus select covers, including his wry take on The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand", James Taylor's "Slow and Steady" and the Bing Crosby standard "Moonlight Becomes You".

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