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Groove Guyz

Smooth Jazz for private and corporate events

San Francisco bay area guitarist Jerry Stucker and The Groove Guyz are a trio and provide a sophisticated blend of contemporary jazz, combined with an emphasis on smooth groove, that sets the perfect backdrop for cocktail parties, wedding receptions, wine tastings or any occasion that music can enhance

“At a time when so many players claim to be funky, Jerry Stucker is not only FUNKY, but he's a one-man encyclopedia of slinky, skanky, rock steady, and greasy rhythms. He knows a gazillion funky guitar inversions, his guitar tone is sparkling, and his parts always stab and dance all over the rhythm, finding ways to propel, accent, and add excitement to a song's groove. If you really want your tunes to dance, this is the cat you need playing guitar for you."
-- Michael Molenda, Editor-in-Chief, GUITAR PLAYER magazine


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