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The Hodads are multi-talented musicians who have worked with world famous entertainers and have over 100 years experience (collec­tively) at knowing how to read the crowd.

With themes such as: California Beach Party, Blues Bros., Motown Revue, Disco 70's, Margaritaville, 50's Sock Hop, Psychedelic 60's, Country & Western, Biker Theme, Yacht Club, Hollywood Theme, and Classic Rock Show, the Hodads blend their unique ability to interact with the audience.
The Hodads are not your typical dance band. These wireless entertainers will literally bring the music to you! 
With celebrity impersonations such as Elvis, Louie Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Louie Prima; Country & Western line-dancing; Contempo­rary "hip hop" sounds; dancing to the classic steps of the 50's & 60's; colorful costumes and production, the Ho-Dads can transform your event into something extraordinary.

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