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After two years of hard work that top off a forty year career blowing his horn for many great bands, Roger Walls gives us Midnight Ride. Key figure of the Montreal jazz scene, Roger was the trumpet in Offenbach's, En Fusion, one of the  four stars of Duke Ellington's great orchestra (after his departure), Garou's man on the horn as well as star mainstay at the House of Jazz on Aylmer St. He launched Midnight Ride, inspired by his musical odyssey, at Bar St-Denis (6966 St-Denis), a popular Saturday night hangout and gig for many jazz big bands and musicians. Very "trippy", festive and sixties-ish, the trumpeter, buglist and impressive plunger player provides some nice musical moments. The voyage starts with Soon Come Young Blues, a tune with a nice theme, and pursues on many modes with : I Said You Back, I Will Wait Forever, Citadel Blues and the Ellington/ Glen Miller medley. Just as solid and happy as the fine horn man and teacher, let's mention pianist Pierre Leduc, trombonist Muhammad Al-Khabyyr, and percussionnist/singer Oscar Calderon. A nice gift, that we fully support, in the true tradition of jazz.

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