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Gabriel Bey and Friends

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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Gabriel has been playing Trumpet since 1960 and performed across the globe.  From Thailand to Amsterdam, and South Carolina to Sunny California, the trumpet has been a staple in Gabriel’s life.  He has played with many of the Motown artists who made their way to the Cleveland scene and developed many performing and touring groups who set off their careers playing his original compositions.


Gabriel’s last project prior to the Pandemic was his band, Spooky Kool who recorded 3-albums and countless single that can still be found on major streaming services; but it was the Pandemic that gave Gabriel pause and sent him on a journey of self-discovery and purpose.  The discovery was that there is much talent in this the nation’s fifth largest City, and we should all come together to make this a center for music and film if for no other reason than advancing quality of life.


So, following his path, Gabriel became Chair of the American Federation of Musicians Local 486’s Outreach Committee and has begun to bring musicians together to make a noticeable change.  Supporting free Music Concerts and working collectively with so many new artists is why you will find his performance so stimulating.  A collection of new ideas and contributions from a new band of exceptional artist.


You’ll hear the music of Miles, the songs of Kenny Garrett and the groove of Roy Hargrove.  Even a little Prince, as defined by Herbie Hancock; but you will also be treated to the original music of Gabriel Bey aka Spooky Kool.


Born in Cleveland but squarely rooted and invested in the future of Arizona, this is Gabriel Bey, Trumpet & Love.

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