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The Phaders

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 The Phaders

 Tom Luxem- Electric & Acoustic Guitar- Vocals

Brad Renner- Piano, Organ, & Synthesizer- Vocals

Joe Gabel- Electric Bass Guitar- Vocals

Jimmy Robinson- Drums & Zen Drum- Vocals

 The Phaders are a four piece dance band that blend

their energy, versatility and professionalism into

a quality performance each time they take the stage.

    The Phaders energy comes from years playing in the club scene which tightened their sound and perfected their performance. This confidence enables the band to have fun on stage, and it shows.


  The fact that all four members of the Phaders are strong lead vocalists, gives the band great versatility. Each singer has their own unique style. This enables the Phaders the ability to have a deeper song catalog. Plus, all the different harmonies they can generate...the music stays fresh all night.


  And add in all the professional components that go into making an Phaders event run smoothly. Whether it’s; musical training, quality equipment, sound balance, interaction, or just plain courtesy, The Phaders are

a group that does it right.

The Phaders

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