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Trio Montuno is a Vibraphone, Bass, and Latin Percussion group that skillfully combines a unique blend of Jazz, Brazilian, Funk and Afro-Caribbean music, (a music style commonly known as Latin-Jazz), resulting in a colorful and energetic new approach that has delighted audiences wherever they have performed. Their vast repertoire draws from original music to classics by composers such as: Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chucho Valdes, Chick Corea, Dizzy Gillespie, and Carl Tjader, among many others. Dana Sudborough leads the group as the composer and vibraphonist.  He is well known for his virtuosity, innovation, and energy.
With their unique style Trio Montuno is capable of setting the proper mood in a wide array of settings. When the audience wants to dance, Trio Montuno packs in a lot of rhythm for a trio. When the audience dictates quieter or more cerebral music, the trio's instrumental ability and light volume fits the bill. The trio has performed for educational events, wedding receptions, dance parties, large festivals, university concerts, museums, cultural events, and local venues all to great success.

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