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Jerry Stucker & The Eastside Tribe is a funky smooth jazz format for weddings and cocktail parties mainly. We do pop tunes & standards with a smooth groove. We also do this as a trio (without the percussionist). We have done thousands of parties in the bay area in all of the major venues.

"At a time when so many players claim to be funky, Jerry Stucker is not only FUNKY, but he's a one-man encyclopedia of slinky, skanky, rock steady, and greasy rhythms. He knows a gazillion funky guitar inversions, his
guitar tone is sparkling, and his parts always stab and dance all over the rhythm, finding ways to propel, accent, and add excitement to a song's groove. If you really want your tunes to dance, this is the cat you need playing guitar for you."
-- Michael Molenda, Editor in Chief, GUITAR PLAYER magazine

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