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Herm Miller Big Band

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The Herm Miller Big Band was organized in 1935 as the Don Peebles Orchestra under the leadership of Don Peebles.  Herm Miller, the lead trumpet player, assumed the leadership of the band when Don died in 1975 and changed the name to The Herm Miller Orchestra.  In 1975, while a student at Lebanon Valley College, John Hess, joined the band in the trumpet section and has been leading the band since the death of Herm Miller in 2007.

Prior to World War II, the orchestra was primarily a road band traveling from coast to coast and playing in many of the best clubs in the nation.  Over the years the band has successfully maintained a “Big Band” sound with many of the current musicians playing with the band for more than 30 years.  The Band continues to thrill audiences with a balanced selection of rhythms and a mixture of melodies both old and new.  The band is well known for its slogan: “Every Measure for your dancing and listening pleasure”.

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