AFM Entertainment

Federation Booking and Referral Service

An online engagement booking and referral service maintained exclusively for the members of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (the “Federation”).

Rules of Operation

  1. The Federation shall maintain an online engagement booking and referral service ("SERVICE") to be known as AFM Entertainment, for the purpose of enhancing employment opportunities for members-in-good-standing. The Service shall serve the Federation, its Locals and its members by: (i) Advertising and promoting the musical services of registered member orchestras, bands, ensembles, and solo artists ("ACTS") to any and all individuals and/or organizations ("PURCHASERS") who seek to engage professional musicians; and by (ii) facilitating the completion of contractual arrangements between Acts and Purchasers for musical engagements.
  2. In fulfillment of the active referral requirement imposed on all Locals by Federation By-Laws (ARTICLE 5 SECTION 15), Local Officers, members and other interested persons may refer all inquiries from prospective music purchasers to the Service, operated for the benefit of members as outlined herein.
  3. All Service activity shall be accomplished in accordance with these Rules of Operation, a copy of which is available at The Federation reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.
  4. The Service shall be maintained solely and exclusively as a benefit to the Federation, its Locals and its members in-good-standing, and only Acts operated and led by members in-good-standing shall be booked, referred and assisted by the Service.
  5. The Service shall operate on a non-discriminatory basis. Bookings, referrals and registration shall be made without regard to race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, and/or sexual preference. Requests for Acts within a specific racial, religious, age, sex, or ethnic grouping shall be honored only when such a request is made in the context of a bona fide engagement requirement.
  6. The Service shall not function as a talent management agency. The Service shall not seek to provide exclusive booking and referral services to any Act or Purchaser, nor shall it provide management or artistic consultation, public relations or other related services to any party.
  7. The Service will not provide assistance in connection with any exclusive hiring hall arrangements set forth in any collective bargaining agreement. The Service, through its website, , shall advertise and promote for hire to prospective purchasers the names of all registered Acts and shall assist in finalizing the contract arrangements agreed to between Acts and Purchasers for prospective engagement leads received by the Service.
  8. The Service shall represent and deal with members and purchasers in conformity with the AFM’s Booking Agent Agreement. The net wages (after payment of all commissions) and working conditions for all engagements obtained through the Service must be at least equal to the Local wage scales applicable to such engagement.
  9. Membership in-good-standing shall not automatically register the name of an Act with the Service. Only the Acts following the procedures set forth below shall be registered with the Service and eligible for booking and referral.
  10. To register, an applicant shall submit an online registration form that will request the name of the Act, name of leader/signatory musician, contact telephone number(s), email address, website address, type(s) of music performed, calendar and geographic availability and any restrictions, size of Act, instrumentation, names of all musicians (self-contained acts only), background information (bio), and any other information the Service and Act may deem necessary. Acts will also be requested to furnish digital photographs and up to five promotional audio clips (30 seconds or less, per clip).
  11. When registering online, the Act's leader or signatory musician shall submit an acknowledgement that such individual has read and understands the Service Rules of Operation and agrees to adhere to and be bound by same.
  12. For every lead, either the purchaser or the agent (by phone) shall complete a "Referral Request Form" (form to email). The form shall include the identity of Purchaser, phone number(s), email address, type of event, date, time, and location of the event, number of people expected at the event, type of music or specific group needed, budget, special equipment or attire required, and any other information necessary to assist the Service in connecting the Purchasers with Acts.
  13. The decision to engage any Act shall be at the sole discretion of the Purchaser. The Service shall assist in finalizing the necessary contract arrangements between Act and Purchaser for each engagement.
  14. Any member in-good-standing who has a complaint or dispute arising from an engagement or a prospective engagement administered by the Service may file a written complaint with the Federation President detailing the specifics of the complaint. Such complaint must be filed within 30 days following the incident giving rise to the complaint.
  15. Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Federation President or his designee shall communicate with all parties involved in an attempt to resolve the complaint or dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved in this manner, a complaining party shall have the right to request submission of the dispute to the International Executive Board for adjudication, whose decision shall be final and binding upon the parties.